Season of lips.

From high gloss to matte lipstick liquids, lips have been a huge trend in the past few months and I’m guessing it’s something that’s going to stick around. Everyone loves a bold lip, wether it’s on themselves or on someone else, it’s such an intense look we all love bold lips to some extent. Seeing a lot of earthy tones in the past few months, I feel like now it’s Autumn getting closer to Winter it’s time to move ahead and be more daring. For me this time of the year is perfect (deep) red lip season. In the summer I would still wear it, but you usually then want to pair it with a lighter eye (well it’s your choice of course) but now it’s later in the year, the options are endless. Berry red lips with a black smokey eye, knee high boots, all of it! Don’t be afraid of the bold lip! Be daring.

Nikoline Liv Andersen

I’ll start by confessing that I have no clue (until now) who fashion designer Nikoline Live Andersen is. As I was scrolling through my Pinterest I noticed an amazing photo and I couldn’t have guessed which designer it was so I did some research and found out that the Danish designer creates pieces of art rather than items of clothing. With many of her designs being exhibited. Her items of clothes many not be that wearable but they certainly are beautiful to loom at and give me a lot of inspiration! 


Fashion week alternatives.

If your like me and are obsessed with fashion, then you probably were consumed by your favourite designers during fashion week (from the luxury of my bed…) well then I’m sure there were some times you almost felt you couldn’t live without, that’s until you saw the price tag…. That’s if you could even find one. But it did give me the urge to shop, although I kind of do that all the time anyway. But in this case I was searching for anything similar to my obsessions on the catwalk! So I found some and hopefully they’re much closer to the price range we who watched the show from our laptops would like to pay. 

First of all, the Dior boots. Maybe they were the stars of 2015 but to me they are still the perfect boot (they’re even waterproof……)   
 And for less than a quarter of the price you can get a beautiful boot just like this at Zara.

Gucci famous loafer style boot  
I don’t even want to know the price, but here is what I’m assuming is way under the designer price for a still beautiful high quality shoe, again at Zara.


Moschino is a huge designer in recent years as there is so much quirkiness and fun to each item. 

 So after researching I didn’t want tacky copies but rather an alternative to fill your desire! Topshop have a huge variety of bags and other accessories with a quirky twist.

It’s definitely not worth giving up on finding your dream item for a reasonable price. Keep researching till you have what you want (well I’m sure you actually need it).


Gucci has always been a show to watch, but this year I feel like it’s really exceeded my expectations. Maybe because I feel it suits my personal taste more, but in any case I’m in awe of the vintage and retro inspiration behind it. Detail was not lacked and each and every piece shone in its own way. But there were a few that really stood out to me! 


Make-up too perfect?

You are most probably reading this thinking how is that even possible. We dream of having the perfect make up and being able to master the perfect cat eye everyday. But I don’t mean perfect as in skilled or over the top, because I love over the top make up. But if you love make up too or have a fascination with looming at it…. Then you’ll understand, although you don’t have to agree. Over the past few months I’ve seen plenty of people using tape to form the perfect smokey eye (within the boundaries of the tape…) and perfect double lashes (false) on your bottom lashes and eyebrows that are so sculpted you think they’ve been stuck on. Firstly let me clear up that yes I personally wear enough make up to defend myself when saying this, I have used tape on the odd occasion and love to define my brows. But we are still human, it’s nice to see a grungy smokey eye that doesn’t look like it’s taken years to do… It might sound crazy to some but in any case it’s only an opinion, although I do wish I had those contouring skills some girls have. Be daring, do exactly what you like.

Autumn wishing it was Winter.

Like every fashion enthusiast out there, we love autumn (Fall) as there are so many possibilities that just weren’t that appropriate for summer, such as a dark smokyeye along with a dark berry lip. Although rules in fashion aren’t there to be followed, one thing that you can’t change (unfortunately) is the weather, for me a huge part in why I just wish it would hurry up and be winter! Winter has the luxury of still being ‘allowed’ to wear autumnal colours but the best thing is you don’t have to take 20 minutes yes figuring out whether to wear a jumper or a coat. Winter means autumn plus fur and more black. Which is why winter is my favourite.